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How To Bid

Auction Frogs offers easy to use, easy to bid features!

Register to Bid

To participate in an online benefit auction hosted by Auction Frogs, you must first register for your own bidding account. Your username will always be your email address you register with along with the password you determine. You can bid on any auction hosted by Auction Frogs by logging in to the homepage of each individual auction. You will receive email notification of your successful registration.

You may obtain a bidders account from or from one of the online auctions hosted through Auction Frogs. Once a bidders account is established, you will need to login on the auction page you wish to bid on. Simply browse the online auction items and find an item that you would like to bid on. Click the item you wish to bid on, and enter your bid amount.

If you already have an Auction Frogs bidding account, simply fill in your email address as the User Name and your Password in the top right corner of the page and click the Login button.

Once you have created a bidder account you can simply log in and bid on any online auction hosted by Auction Frogs.

Enter Your Bid

Simply browse the online auction items and find an item you'd like to bid on. Enter the amount you are willing to pay in the bid box and click the "Bid Now" button.

Your bid must be at least equal to the "Next Minimum Bid" amount listed in order to become the leading bidder. You will receive email notification once you've been outbid identifying the new leading bidder.

Buy It Now

Some items may offer a "Buy it Now" option. The first bidder to click the "Buy" button for the set amount will win the item. Multiple items can be purchased at one time.

Absentee Bidding

Absentee Bidding is an electronic bid that the live auctioneer or clerk will administer on your behalf up to your stated maximum bid. Simply enter and confirm the highest amount you are willing to pay for the item. Your stated amount will be used at the Live Auction Event when live bidding occurs. If you are the highest winning bidder, you will be notified by auction organizer.

Reserve Amount

Some items may offer a "Reserve Amount" option The "Reserve Amount" is a predetermined amount by which the organization has set. Bids will be accepted until the auction closes and if the "Reserve Amount" is not met, then the highest bidder will not be obligated to purchase. If the "Reserve Amount" is met however, then at the close of the auction the highest bidder will win the item and be obligated to purchase.

Buy Now Purchase

Some items may offer a "Buy Now Purchase" option. This is a predetermined price has been established by the organization, above the value. If you elect to purchase an item using this option, you will confirm the purchase price amount and be the winner of the item instantly and asked to pay online.

My Account

Every Registered Bidder is assigned an account. This account can be viewed by clicking the "My Account" tab. You can edit your personal preferences, modify password, view bidding activity and view your invoice here.